MSA Seat Cover Tradie fits Nissan Navara NP300 14oz Front Row

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Brand: MSA

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Suits: Nissan Navara NP300
Years: 03/2015 on
Model: DX, RX, ST, STX
Seat Cover Type: Front Bucket Seats PAIR including headrests.

Tradie Gear Canvas Seat Covers combine quality and durability with comfort to meet the needs of the Aussie trade. From Carpenters and Electricians to Mechanics and Gyprockers, to Brickies and Tilers, Tradie Gear Canvas Seat Covers are guaranteed to protect soft factory seats from the demanding conditions of the trade.

If you’re in construction or manufacturing or agriculture or a handyman, Tradie Gear Canvas Seat Covers were designed specifically for you and are the highest quality Canvas Seat Covers you can buy.


  • The best fit Canvas Seat Covers available for your work vehicle!
  • Made from specifically designed heavy duty Polyester/Cotton Blend canvas, delivering
    maximum comfort & durability
  • 100% Water, kid, dirt, mud & pet proof!
  • 14oz specially manufactured canvas
  • Polycotton lined for maximum protection of your car seats, providing a complete barrier between the canvas and your soft factory seats
  • Reinforced high wear areas for longevity (Polycotton layer, canvas layer & additional canvas layer in high wear areas).
  • Large rear pockets and head rest covers as standard.

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Please contact us if you are after a deal on a set of Front Row and Second Row Seat Covers.


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