Nissan Navara D22 D40 YD25 2.5L Aluminium Timing Cover Gasket 2006-10


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Part Number: GTCNI600

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Timing Cover Gasket


Nissan Navara D40 with YD25 engine & ALUMINIUM TIMING COVER upto 2010

Nissan Navara D22 with YD25 engine & ALUMINIUM TIMING COVER upto 2010

This gasket goes in between the front & rear timing cover case.

There is 3 different gaskets for this depending on your model and what material your cover is made from (plastic / allunimum), please contact us so we can check against you VIN# for the correct one for your vehicle if unsure. 

NOTE: this gasket is to only to be purchased when buying the non genuine timing cover gasket set for the YD25 engine with part number TKNI601TK. please choose either plastic or aluminium timing cover gasket depending on which one you need for your vehicle.

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