Check over your cooling system this Summer!

Summer has come around again which means it's a good idea to check over the cooling system in your car. Best place to start is by covering the basics to ensure your car is ready for the heat. Follow the links below to view our product range of spare parts to help get your car sorted for Summer.


Thermostats - a simple replacement could make a huge difference to your vehicle, without a working thermostat you're missing a key part of your vehicle's temperature regulation


Water Pumps - prone to cavitation, replacing a water pump may be necessary and is super important as it controls the coolant flow through your engine and radiator

Own a TD42? A great TD42 upgrade is the Hi-Flow water pump - this is a rebuilt water pump with a custom manufactured cast impeller designed to close the gap to the timing cover which creates more efficient water flow and avoids further cavitation


Radiator Caps - small and simple, having a radiator cap in good condition helps to keep the cooling system pressured, these can easily be lost along the way or sometimes the springs or seals in the cap can wear out, so it's a simple replacement that saves a lot of hurt!


Viscous Hubs - without a working viscous fan hub your engine could be over heating quite easily which can lead to much larger problems. Best way to check if yours is faulty? When the motor's hot after a drive, (safely) give the fan a flick with your hand and if it stops pretty much straight away, the viscous fan hub should be fine. If it continues to spin and doesn't come to a quick stop, it may be time to replace it.

For our TD42 owners - we highly recommend upgrading to the UFI viscous hub and fan blade to suit GQ/GU, it's designed to suit the TD42 operating temps (which are known to be a little high hey kettles!) and it basically just offers better cooling performance than the standard system and has helped vehicles drop in temperature when compared to running a standard viscous hub.


If you cover all these basics your vehicle will thank you this Summer!

As always, if you're unsure what parts suit your vehicle we always want to help, get in contact with our Sales team by providing your VIN and we can check what parts suit your vehicle for you. We're open Monday to Friday 8am-5pm, you can reach us at 03 9735 9099 or