Fridge Stubby Saver 4 Pack Black
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Stubby Saver 4 Pack Black

Ever lost a beer on the hard tracks?

The Unique StubbySaver saves your beers from bursting while driving over rough terrain making sure you never have to mop out your car fridge again.

Quality matters.

StubbySavers are made from high quality food grade silicon rubber that flex's more than a Patrol with 8" lift. StubbySaver didn’t see the point making it cheap and disposable from hard plastic that could only fit one size can or bottle…. Not only that but sometime our meat juices make it to the bottom of the fridge so it had to be easy to wash so its 100% dishwasher safe so it can be used time and time again.

Size Matters and Some Cans are Just Cute.

The biggest issue to overcome is the vast variety of can & bottle sizes! Well, it fits them all, not only do they fit the little cute ones, but you can also stack them. Doesn’t matter what size can or bottle you have we have designed the StubbySaver to fit them all! This isn’t a one trick pony.

“I only pack cans” “just pack more so they can’t move” “so expensive do they come with beer”

Yes, we heard them all and yes it might not be for everyone but…. cans rub through on hardcore corrugation rubbing against the fridge mesh not only that destroying everything else you might have in your fridge. Well just pack more than! That’s great but unless you plan on drinking your fridge out the first night a tightly packed fridge becomes sloppy as the days go on. We made them to last so yes, they are not the cheapest, but we want them to last longer than the slab you just purchased!

This listing is for a Black 4 Pack StubbySaver.

We have 4 Pack and 6 Pack StubbySavers availabile in Black or Blue separately in our online store or our local showroom!

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