Genuine Nissan Navara Suction Control Valve D40 MNT & D22 YD25


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Genuine Nissan Suction Control Valve


Nissan Navara D40 Thai built models with VIN# starting with MNT with the YD25 engine

Nissan Navara D22 Thai Built models with VIN# starting with MNT with the YD25 engine.

Nissan Navara D22 Japanese Built models with VIN# starting with JN1 with the YD25 engine.

Suction Control Valves are responsible for the control of fuel pressure inside common rail engines, because they use extremely small tolerances within moving parts, they can quickly become affected by contaminated fuel and dirt which in turn can cause the ECU to cause surging and other unwanted effects as it tries to correct fuel pressure levels. 

Because of the importance of this part, we only sell Genuine Nissan Suction Control Valves.

Suction control valves for Spanish built Navara's are different and their is 3 types.

If you are unsure if this is the one you need for your vehicle, or your vehicle is around the years above, please contact us with a VIN# to confirm for you, returns will not be accepted for incorrect choice.

If you are after a Suction Control Valve to suit a different year, please check out our other ones available in our online store.

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