Our Top 10 GQ TD42 Tips & Tricks with Aaron and 4WDTV!

The TD42 is one of the most iconic offroading engines and also one of the most troublesome - if it's not looked after it gets its name 'the kettle' from somewhere! Recently on a trip to the Springs 4x4 Park in Queensland, our very own Aaron and the team at 4WDTV did a walk-through of Josh's GQ TD42 so that we could give you our Top 10 best tips to keep your old girl running and maybe even give it a bit more life and power.

Below is a list of each tip from the video with links to the parts that we recommend and sell in our own store to help get you on your way!

But first make sure you check out the video on YouTube:



Tip #1 - The Cooling System: simple fixes like removing any obstructions to the airflow, installing a quality radiator and upgrading the water pump can help ease the overheating issues and support peak performance.

Tip #2 - Front Drive Line: consider replacing the front drive line with a GU front diff which offers bigger brakes, upgraded CV joints, and a much stronger steering box.

  • Contact our Sales Team and ask about a GU Front End Diff Conversion for more information and availability on parts! sales@patrolapart.com.au 

Tip #3 - Heavy-Duty Rear Trailing Arms: upgrading your rear arms will help to handle the weight and travel of the suspension better.

Tip #4 - Rear Spring Towers: coil towers can crack and lose stability over time, these below upgrades help to reinforce the chassis, spread the load and prevent any further damage.

Tip #5 - Front Bump Stops: make sure you replace or upgrade your tired or broken bump stops for a smoother ride and to increase the suspension travel.

Tip #6 - Genuine Front Hubs and Saver Rings: if your front hubs break you could lose your front-wheel drive all together, so make your front hubs last longer using Genuine products and the clever hub saver rings!

Tip #7 - Engine and Gearbox Mounts: with a mix of heavy duty and Genuine engine mounts you'll notice a huge difference in the ride and stability of the engine without sacrificing comfort.

Tip #8 - Power Upgrades: the go-to upgrades for a TD42 engine are a larger turbo, three-inch exhaust and a high-flow airbox, if you're not sure what will suit your needs just ask us!

Tip #9 - Rear Driveline Improvements: if you're rebuilding the rear diff why not include a rear locker whilst you're there?

Tip #10 - Roof Rails and Door Hinges: avoid the dangers of rust inspecting the roof of your GQ for any rust spots and replacing roof panels rather than covering them up, and also staying safe and comfortable with new door hinges and seat belts as they do age with time.


So there you have it, if you're looking to increase the life and performance of your GQ TD42 we've got the parts and knowledge to get you there. All of the above links are just some of our range from our packed website.  If you're unsure if any part will suit your vehicle, grab your VIN and send an email to our Sales Team at sales@patrolapart.com.au we can easily check which parts are suited to your vehicle.

Notice something we've missed or wondering if we stock something that hasn't been mentioned? Just ask! All of our salesmen are Nissan 4x4 enthusiasts so we know what we're talking about, and we just want to help sell you the right parts that you're after. We're open Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm on 03 9735 9099 or at sales@patrolapart.com.au