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13 - Dec - 2023
14 - Nov - 2023
30 - Oct - 2023
30/10/2023 02:56PM | By Madi

We're BACK on Life Off Road with 4WDTV on Channel 7Mate!

  • 30/10/2023 02:56PM | By Madi
This time we're headed to the snow in the Victorian High Country! Being the end of the snow season there was a high chance we wouldn't find snow, but the crew headed up Mt Skene in the VHC and managed to find a great day of snow driving just waiting for them. Everyone was thankful they had the right recovery gear on hand because in typical Victori...
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24 - Jul - 2023
24/07/2023 02:54AM | By Madi

Our final episode with Life Off Road is out now on Channel 7 and YouTube!

  • 24/07/2023 02:54AM | By Madi
Our adventure with the team at 4WDTV at the Springs 4x4 Park in QLD has sadly come to an end! A few days of hill climbs, wheel spins, broken cars and tough tracks all finished with an unreal sunset on the last day. Follow as our very own Aaron gets a hand in the Springs workshop to remove the broken CV and fit a brand spanker - stay tuned for a ful...
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20 - Jul - 2023
20/07/2023 12:40PM | By Madi

Our Top 10 GQ TD42 Tips & Tricks with Aaron and 4WDTV!

  • 20/07/2023 12:40PM | By Madi
The TD42 is one of the most iconic offroading engines and also one of the most troublesome - if it's not looked after it gets its name 'the kettle' from somewhere! Recently on a trip to the Springs 4x4 Park in Queensland, our very own Aaron and the team at 4WDTV did a walk-through of Josh's GQ TD42 so that we could give you our Top 10 best tips to...
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19 - Jul - 2023
19/07/2023 03:46PM | By Madi

Our second episode with Life Off Road is out on 7Mate and YouTube!

  • 19/07/2023 03:46PM | By Madi
How good was Episode 2! The Navara was front and centre tackling Hardcore Climb - it was the only IFS 4x4 to give it a shot! They sent it so hard that the CV decided to leave the party. So it was back to camp to start replacing the CV. That's going to feature in next week's episode! What did you think? If you missed the show on Channel 7Mate, do...
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05 - Jul - 2023
05/07/2023 10:43AM | By Madi

Our first episode with Life Off Road is out on 7Mate and YouTube!

  • 05/07/2023 10:43AM | By Madi
Did you check out Life Off Road on Channel 7Mate on Saturday July 1st? What did you think! Our Navara handled the Springs 4x4 Park like a pro and it looked like an awesome start to the trip. Missed the show though? Then you're in luck as it's on YouTube! Check it out below: ___________________________________________________________________...
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30 - May - 2023
30/05/2023 03:48PM | By Madi

Our own Inventory Specialist won the Saber Offroad Navigation Challenge on the weekend!

  • 30/05/2023 03:48PM | By Madi
Our very own Peter Butcher and his family took out first prize at last weekend's Saber Offroad Navigation Challenge in Rushworth, Victoria!  They managed to get the highest score on both courses over the weekend and secured first place. Some tricky tracks and notes made for an unreal weekend! The Patrolapart Navigation Team GQ performed beaut...
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05 - May - 2023
05/05/2023 03:39PM | By Madi 0 Comment(s)

We're partnering with 4WD TV and Life Off Road on 7Mate!

  • 05/05/2023 03:39PM | By Madi
This year you'll be seeing us on your TV screens, we're heading out on some awesome 4WD trips with the 4WD TV team for Life Off Road on Channel 7Mate!    Our first trip is around QLD and will be on 7Mate in the coming months, we'll keep you updated! We had a blast on our last trip with 4WD TV for Your 4x4 - '5 Forests in 5 Days' whic...
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